December 21, 2010

This is a startup to watch. It’s reminds us of an early
facebook. College focused, location centric, and focused on
flirting. One of the keys here is the anonymous nature of the
service. People have a lot to say about one another when there
aren’t consequences! Seems they are seeing significant page view
growth in a very short period of time. What’s missing here is the
ability to see who is being talked about and here it’s happening.
This is more like a flirting diary than a useful realtime
facilitator. Consider if this concept were applied to an augmented
reality app where anyone with the app could be touched on the phone
and the commented on anonymously. App would need to run in the
background (ie Andrd only) and would alter a user when he was in
presence of another user. People at parties might look more at
their phones than the other people. Conversations would move to the
cloud. What’s in it for the first user. The guy who signs up web no
one else is using the app: HOPE, the hope that someone might say
something nice about him.


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