MVIS Rumours Lead to Sucker’s Rally

December 3, 2010

Today MVIS was up 50% intraday on a research report from a small boutique claiming that the iPhone 5 would be out within a year and might contain a PicoP Projector.

This isn’t the first time that this type of conjecture has lead to massive positive swings.

ANT believes these are great short opportunities.  MVIS cannot produce their product small enough for it to be an iPhone component nor can they produce enough of the product (due to weak green laser ramp) to service the fast selling iPhone.

In conclusion, ANT should and one day will, short MVIS when it eneviatably has another one day rumour spike.

Notwithstanding this, ANT believes this will be a massively sucessfull company and is waiting for the price to be around $1-$1.50 to build a long term hold position.


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